Our most powerful napkin wrapper which can pack up to 80 packs/min. It is designed and built for mass napkin production with minimal maintenance requirements.
Due to full servo control this wrapper is extremely flexible and user - friendly. One of the major advances is one of the shortest format changeover time that you can get on the market!


Infeed conveyor 3m (118.1")
Max mechanical speed 85 cycles/min
Production speed up to 80 pack/min
Average format changeover time up to 10 min
Pack height 20 – 120(160) mm (0.8-4.7(6.3"))
Pack length 100-200 mm (3.9-7.9")
Pack width 110 – 200(400) mm (4.3-7.9 (15.7"))
Wrapping material PP, OPP, PE
Foil thickness 25 – 30 microns
Installed power 14 kW
Real power consumption up to 9 kW
Air consumption <150 l/min
Machine weight 2600 kg


Extended infeed conveyor
Pack’s height option 16 to 160 mm (0.6-6.3")
Pack’s optional width (dimension B) up to 400 mm (15.7")
Domino thermal printer
Longitudinal perforation
Labeling unit

Packaging variations