Napkin wrapper NWH-40 is automatic packaging machine for tissue napkins, folded towels, as well as nonwoven folded products. This is our top of the line napkin wrapper, very economical and efficient.
It can pack up to 40 HoReCa packs/min. This wrapper is extremely easy to use, it is fully servo driven, and controlled by the most advance motion controller OMRON - NJ501 which allows extreme flexibility in operation and quick format changeover.


Infeed servo motorized with metal pushers
Max mechanical speed 45 cycles/min
Production speed up to 40 packs/min
Average format changeover time 15 min
Pack height 110 - 170 mm (4.3” -6.7”)
Bag length 200 - 400 mm (7.9” - 15.7”)
Bag width 110 -170 mm (4.3” - 6.7”)
Wrapping material PE, OPP
PE thickness, OPP 25-40 µm, heat sealable
Max reel diameter 500 mm (19.7”)
Max reel width 900 mm (35.4”)
Reel core external diameter >85mm (3.3”)
Installed power 25 kW
Real power consumption <16kW
Air consumption <150 l/min
Machine weight 5485 kg


Infeed extension, motorized with pushers
Longitudinal straight perforator for easy opening of the napkin pack
Injekt printer
Additional set of changing tools for any length dimension from 200 to 400 mm (7.9” - 15.7”)

Packaging variations