RCP-8 is extremely flexible case packer for variety of different tissue products. Among other products from tissue industry it can handle packaging of toilet rolls and kitchen towels in carton boxes in very wide range of pack configurations. With format changeover time below 10 min it is one of the most efficient case packers on the market. In operations it can reach the speed of up to 8 boxes/min, depending on packaging configuration.
With extremely small electrical consumption RCP-8 is one of the most economical case packer on the market! Packs are coming overwrapped from a rolls wrapper on transportation conveyer in horizontal (laying) position. Depending on the type of infeed section, the packs are transferred in such position to the zone of side pusher or the packs are upended and dragged by the particular servo system, in the zone of side pusher. The side pusher transfers certain number of packs to the lift which stratifies packs into multiple layers per height as well as per depth. At the same time, independent system ran by pneumatic cylinders opens the boxes and positioning them in the loading zone. After configuration of the packs is completed at the lift, it lifts the configuration into upper zone in order for the pusher to push the whole configuration from the lift and to load it into the opened box. With this step the process of loading is completed. The loaded box then passes through the system for side closing and taping of the boxes. Thanks to the fact that whole system is controlled via the most advanced PLC, Rolls case packer RCP-8 is characterized with high efficiency, preciseness and flexibility in operation.


Mechanical speed 10 cycles/min
Max production speed up to 8 box/min
Format changeover time 10 - 15 min
Box width 240 - 480 mm (9.4" - 18.9")
Box length 360 - 650 mm (14.2" - 25.6")
Box height 240 - 600 mm (9.4" - 23.6")
Box sealing type sealing tape
Box feeding automatic
Infeed type single arm diverter
Machine height at infeed 835 mm (32.9")
Machine height at discharge 1240 mm (48.8")
Air consumption < 250l/min
Installed power 10 kW
Real power consumption < 4kW
Machine weight 6520 Kg


Dual arm infeed
Hot-melt box sealing
Label applicator
Inkjet printer
Box handling devices
Additional KDF magazin