Single Roll Bundler SRB–12

Single Roll Bundler SRB-12 is flexible high speed toilet rolls bundling machine for grouping and over-wrapping different configurations of bathroom tissue rolls. The machine is dedicated to bundle only single rolls, naked as well as packed wrapped and can accommodate some large number of bundle configurations in two layers. This toilet roll bundler is extremely easy to use, it is fully servo controlled which allows extreme flexibility in operation.
The operation of the single roll bundler SRB-12 is completely automatic and includes all features for transferring, upending, collating and over-wrapping packs of bathroom tissue and kitchen towels in neat, tight, completely sealed bundles as secondary packaging for transport and distribution. Packs/rolls are coming from the wrapper /log saw in one lane to the servo controlled diverter which sorts the packs into max 5 channels and at the same time separate 2 rolls in each lane! Further, the packs are transferred to the upending section in order to set the core in vertical position. Upending section transfer rolls directly to elevator in 2 layers. The servo-controlled pusher drives the arranged pack formation into the tube and throughout the folding and cross sealing section. At the same time a non-contact continuous hot air blow secures the top seal. Lap sealing unit provides strong cross seal at high speed. Foil is coming from single center-folded polyethylene reel.


Mechanical speed 12 cycles/min
Production speed Up to 10 bundles/min
Pack/roll diameter on infeed conveyor 90 - 135 mm (3.5" - 5.3")
Pack/roll length on infeed 90-180 mm (3.5" - 7.0")
Bundle configuration 3 - 5 rows/2 layers
Bundle width 330 - 520 mm (13.0" - 20.5")
Bundle length 270 - 660 mm (10.6" - 26.0")
Bundle height 180 - 280 mm (7.1"- 11.0")
Average size changeover time 20 min
Machine height at infeed 850 mm (33.5")
Machine height at discharge 1100 mm (43.3")
Noise level dbA < 80
Wrapping material PE, LDPE, 35 - 50 micron, heat sealable
Max reel diameter 500 mm (19.7")
Installed power 12 kW
Real power consumption < 6kW
Compresed air consumption < 200 l/min
Machine weight 3800 kg


Roll handling devices
Pre-printed strip insert
Inkjet printer
Photo-eye for mark registration
Handle marker
Additional conveyors

Wrapping flow