Universal folded - product bundler for medium - volume production can overwrap multiple packs in any configuration from 6 to 96 napkin packs, as fast as 10 bundles/minute. Highly flexible, it can make bundles up to 480mm in width and 660mm in length.
With option of photo eye for mark registration and handle marker, this bundler becomes robust packer, which can pack not just for transportation purposes but finish-goods products as well.


Max production speed Up to 10 bags/min(depends of the package type)
Average format changeover time 10 - 15 min
Real changeover time 2 - 3 min
Bag height 100-220 mm (3.9- 8.7")
Bag length 200-660 mm (7.9- 26.0")
Bag width 240-480 mm (9.4-18.9")
Wrapping material PE
PE thickness 35 - 60 microns
PE density 0.87 - 0.93 Kg/dm3
Max reel diameter <500mm (19.7")
Reel core external diameter >85 mm (3.3")
Air consumption <300 l/min
Installed power 9 kW
Real power consumption up to 6 kw
Machine weight 1900kg


Domino inkjet printer
Photo-eye for mark registration
Pre-printed strip insert
Handle marker

Packaging variations