Extreme flexibility is the key word for URB-15 bundler which can pack wide range of bundle configurations. This bundler can handle horizontal core rolls and up to 4 layers of vertical core rolls with guaranteed top quality of final products! We can also provide print registration system at your request for use of printed foil as bundling material. Its capacity reaches up to 15 bags/min.
The machine is highly flexible and can accommodate a huge number of bundle configurations in different dimensions, in order to cover all present and future market requirements at high performance while maintaining the high quality of the final product.


Mechanical speed 18 cycles/min
Max production speed up to 15 bags/min
Average format changeover time 10 - 15 min
Bag height 180 - 400 (500) mm (7.1" - 15.7" (19.7"))
Bag length 360 - 850 mm (14.2" -33.5")
Bag width 360 - 800 mm (14.2" - 31.5")
Wrapping material PE 40 - 60 ┬Ám
Installed power 16 kW
Real power consumption 10 kW
Air consumption < 400l/min
Machine weight 5100 kg


Single roll bundling
Industrial rolls bundling
Extended height of a bundle up to 480 mm (18.9")
Inkjet printer
Photo-eye for mark registration
Custom size bags
Product handling devices
Additional conveyors

Packaging variations