Visit us at TISSUE WORLD Miami 2018

The return of Tissue World America to Miami 2018 is the event for which the company STAX Technologies has been already preparing to exhibit.
The significant event that will gather key representatives from tissue industry and enable exchange of ideas and achievements, and strengthening of the existing partnership networks, is a calling for STAX Technologies to present at this fair its products that have become the symbol in the tissue industry. 
In cooperation with the company Rockwell, the company STAX Technologies has developed a high-efficiency machine for roll packing - the packing speed over 200 pack/minute, the high packing quality and extreme energy saving of up to 40% -  as a result of knowledge, energy and imagination of our developing teams. Already presented to the European market, the ULTIMA machine arrives to Miami 2018 so that the American market can get acquainted with its unique technical characteristics, design and extraordinary adaptability to various space requirements, easy handling and maintenance. At the booth H600, STAX Technologies  will provide a unique opportunity of presenting the ULTIMA, the symbol of the tissue packing industry. After a number of successful fairs at which it regularly takes part, STAX Technologies moves its highly-established standards a step forward. Be a part of the largest gathering in tissue packing industry in the North America.