STAX Technologies at TW Istanbul 2018

Another spectacular exhibition happened in packaging industry in the city which is connection between the East and West, in the Istanbul Congress Centre. Now we are having a break for a while just to summarize all the impressions.
During the three days of exhibition at the beginning of September, among the numerous and various visitors, STAX Company made its booth No D161 as a comfortable place with a pleasant atmosphere to host a great number of the clients and partners. Always tending to be different and spectacular, our company presented the new machine MAXIMA in order to show all the visitors the latest technological achievements and innovations in our company. Our team of professionals was happy to show the machine in operation, they did it very patiently with such a commitment that all the customers felt welcome and enjoyed the performance.
One more time, STAX Company leaves the city on Bosphorus satisfied with the results accomplished, the fair organization and its own presentation. Of course, just for a short period, because we look forward to meeting our friends, partners, clients and some new guests at the same time in 2020.