MAESTRA represents a fully automatic packaging system for rolls (toilet paper rolls and kitchen towels) into pre-made bags. .
However, this system can be very easily adapted for packaging of all other hygiene paper products (facial tissue, paper and sanitary towels or diapers).The innovations that we have applied to this product make it the most competitive roll bag filler on market. Some of the main features include packaging of horizontally and vertically oriented products in paper or foil bags with speed of up to 120 bags/min as well as continuous rolls in-feed, with lane diverter which can synchronize the in-feed and divide the products into two, three, four and five lanes...


Mechanical speed paper/foil 120 packs/min
Production speed 100+ packs/min, depending on the pack configuration
Infeed lanes 4 lanes
Layers 1 or 2 layers
Rolls diameter 90 - 160 mm
Cut-off (vertical configuration) 90 - 110 mm
Cut-off (horizontal configuration) 90 - 600 mm
Pack width Single lane 180 - 650 mm / Dual lane 180 - 300 mm
Pack height 90 - 260 mm
Pack length 180 - 720 mm
Avarage format change-over time 0 - 10 min
Wrapping material Pre-made bags
Installed power 38 kW
Real power consumption 25 kW
Compressed air consumption < 50 l/min
Working pressure 6 bars


Infeed lanes - 5 lanes
Rolls diameter - 90 - 200 mm
Additional conveyers

Packaging variations