Roll Wrapper Dinamica 2.0

The wrapper DINAMICA 2.0 is high efficient packaging machine for hygienic rolls with two infeed lanes. It is dedicated to wrap single, two, four or six toilet rolls as well as single or two kitchen towels in foil. This wrapper is easy to use, it is fully servo driven, controlled by the most advanced motion controller OMRON-NJ501, which allows extremely reliable production process.
It reaches output production speed up to 200 packs/minute. With a very low cost of maintenance and compact dimensions, this wrapper is ideal for high-capacity converting lines.


Infeed 2 lanes
Mechanical speed 270 cycles/min
Production speed up to 250 packs/min
Layers 1
Average size changeover time 20 min
Roll diameter single lane 90 - 160 mm (3.5"-6.3")
Roll diameter dual lane 90 - 140 mm (3.5"-5.5")
Cut-off length 90 - 300 mm (3.5"-11.8")
Pack width 90 - 280 mm (3.5"-11.0")
Pack length 90 - 300 mm (3.5"-11.8")
Pack height 90 - 160 mm (3.5"-6.3")
Wrapping material PE, LDPE 22 - 30ยต, heat sealable
Maximum reel diameter 600 mm (23.6")
Maximum reel width 780 mm (30.7")
Installed power 31kW
Real power consumption 16kW
Compressed air consumption <550l/min
Working air pressure 6 bar
Machine weight 7300 kg


Single roll wrapping in paper
Inkjet printer 
Lateral perforation for easy opening
Additional conveyors
Roll handling devices

Packaging variations